Gain Muscle Without Fat

Cyclical Nutrition for Muscle Gain without Fat.

Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

If adding muscle is your goal, you’ve got to be aware of your level of body fat because holding too much stored body fat will kill your gains.

How much is too much fat?

After 20 years of trial and error, I find there is a massive negative effect in being over 12%.

At that point it seems like you can start visually watching fat accumulate when someone eats too many calories. (Over 12% you no longer have easily visible abs and love handles are starting).

Under 10%, and you can get away with eating an excess of calories required to fuel muscle growth. This is the sweet spot for growth.

I can hear the internet trolls waking from under their boxes of poptarts as I type.

I know…

This may sound subjective, and at some level it is. Everyone is different, but coming from a guy that has trained well over 1000 people to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, and also has lost over 50lbs of fat 4 times (you do not want to do this!), this is the golden line in the sand.

How do you stay under 12% bodyfat, while being in a calorie surplus most of the time?

Here’s your Action Plan:

Step 1) Your training has to be very stimulating to the muscular system to allow the muscle cells to adapt to uptaking nutrients and hormones more effectively. It’s ESSENTIAL that you apply the Muscle Intelligence™ (MI40X) training principles and create an INTERNAL FOCUS for muscular contraction.

Higher volume training can be supported due to higher calorie consumption BUT training with high volume should come as a progression toward that higher amount, not a big jump. Big leaps in volume lead to injury and lost opportunities of growth potential.

BUILD PROGRESS into your training: NOT just in weights. But reps, sets, density and frequency.

Step 2) You’ve got to be a in caloric excess. Start with 15% over BMR (basal metabolic rate) to assess how you progress. Example/ My BMR is 3400 so 15% of that is 510 calories. So I start my growth phase around 3910 calories and progress upward from there is I’m not adding scale weight.

To truly benefit from high calories you must insure your body is USING the greatest amount of these calories. Calorie consumption does not equate to growth. Calorie utilization by the muscles leads to growth.